When you plan a celebration or a party we offer our venue for up to 60 guests in a spacious air-conditioned banqueting room. Additionally, a conference room and a summer house with barbecue facility is at our quests’ disposal.
Nice atmosphere and delicious traditional cuisine is our trademark. We are eager to provide extra services such as DJ/karaoke party, flamenco or belly dance shows or hot coal walking.

We organize:

Zorganizuje chrzicny hotel Karpacz

Baptisms parties

Komunie hotel Karpacz

Confirmation parties

Wieczory kawalerskie hotel Karpacz

Hen nights

Hotel karpacz wieczory panieńskie

Stag nights

Wesele Malachit Medical Spa Hotel Karpacz

Wedding receptions

Zorganizuj rocznice w naszym hotelu

Wedding anniversaries

Imprezy urodzinowe hotel

Birthday parties

Imieninowe imprezy hotel Karpacz

Name days parties

Stypy - Hotel Karpacz

Funeral reception

Do you want to organize a party?

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Konrad Suwalski

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