Restaurant at the Karpacz hotel
Good food can be described in many different ways. For us, it’s quality ingredients, patience, time and… memories. In our restaurant’s kitchen, all dishes, from breakfast to dessert, are created based on proven and traditional flavors. The ones we know from home dinners in a nice company. The ones we grew up with and helped with. The ones that woke us up on Sunday mornings. But also those that we brought into our family home ourselves.

Karpacz – Hotel with a restaurant
Our hotel and restaurant in Karpacz offers local products in its menu, such as grilled oscypek cheese with cranberries that melt in your mouth. Fish fans will surely smile at the sight of honey-mustard salmon and delicate trout wattles accompanied by fresh vegetables. It is also worth paying attention to the aromatic pork schnitzel with egg and baked bacon medallions with soft gnocchi. For little ones, we have prepared proven, crispy nuggets and fish fingers, as well as pasta with a mild tomato sauce.

Please book in advance.
The restaurant is open from: 14:00 – 19:00

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